Field Prep Tips

To help ensure a better final mount, we will cape your trophy free of charge.

If you prefer to cape your own trophy, here are some tips that will help! And don’t hesitate to call us (712-726-3080) if you need help.

Caping Shoulder Mounts

On whitetail and mule deer we prefer you tube out the neck as explained below. This way we can use what we call a short incision when mounting. This just means less stitching for us and less chance of a seam showing. If you open them up its not the end of the world! On any other big game animal, its best to open them up down the back. Opening them up makes skinning easier and helps in drying the hide down.

Follow these cut steps:

  1. Cut the hide around the animal, 6” behind the front shoulder.
  2. Cut around the front legs above the knee joint.
  3. Cut down the back of the front legs and join cuts 1 & 2.
  4. Peel the skin forward two-thirds up the neck, and saw the head free.
  5. If you’re not bringing your trophy immediately to us, freeze the head & cape to avoid spoilage. Don’t take chances with your trophy.

Skinning for life-size mounts

Skinning using a dorsal cut will often make the mounting process easier. Depend on your guide if one is available, or bring your trophy to us for skinning. If it makes things easier for you to open your animal up(see rug diagram), that isn't a big problem.

Follow these cut steps:

  1. Make a cut down the entire length of the animal’s back.
  2. Make a 12” cut up each leg.
  3. Sever the neck/head at the base of the skull.
  4. Sever legs at wrist joints.
  5. Provide us with hide, head, and severed legs.

Skinning for Rugs

Have confidence in your professional guide if you’re on a guided hunt. You can contact us anytime if you have questions. The hide is best frozen until you can deliver it to us. Leaving your hide thawed for too long can lead to slippage of the hair.

Follow these cut steps:

  1. Make a cut from the anus to the base of the skull.
  2. Cut down the back of each back leg up to the anus.
  3. Remove the feet at the wrist joint.
  4. Cut down the back of each front leg and connect with cut number 1 at the center of the chest.
  5. Sever the neck at the base of the skull.


If you can’t bring the birds in fresh, it's best to freeze the entire bird in a heavy freezer bag, any bag will work for short term storage. Tuck the head under a wing, bag and freeze. We inspect each bird before mounting to ensure you have a quality specimen to grace your wall. Birds are one of the least forgiving specimens.

Follow these steps:

  1. Tuck the birds head under a wing.
  2. Place in a heavy freezer bag and freeze.